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Town of Castor


The Town of Castor was incorporated on July 13th, 1910 with the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway line. The community was developed to meet the needs of the growing number of homesteaders coming from a wide range of countries and ethnic backgrounds to farm in the area. Coal mining near the town site was active even before the community was developed. Castor continues to serve the agriculture community which is still the mainstay of the area. The oil and natural gas industry has grown over the years and is a major employer.


Located near the intersection of Highways 12 and 36, Castor’s natural beauty, which includes sandstone cliffs, rolling terrain and natural prairie grasslands, makes it a scenic and diverse area. In the 1920’s Castor residents started a tree planting program. The tree lined streets in addition to natural water ponds which dissect the community make it a very picturesque site. Residents are proud of their community and heritage. They take a pride in their homes, businesses, yards and gardens. We welcome you to visit our town whenever you are in the area and appreciate what we have.

Town of Castor

4901 50th Ave

Box 479

Castor, Alberta T0C 0X0

403 882 3225

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