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Beaver School












We think that our school is the most authentic and complete example of its kind, illustrating how education was delivered from the 20th century’s earliest decades until the 1950’s.  Its excellent and original condition is enhanced by authentic furniture, displays and period school texts.


 Beaver School once served the needs of students who lived in the Beaver district, roughly 10 miles north and four miles east of Castor, from 1919 to 1959. In 1939 it became part of the Castor School Division, which administered eighty-one school districts, each of them with its own little school.  Beaver was the last of these to be closed.  Through the efforts of members who once attended the school, it was moved to Castor on September 8, 1993 to become part of the museum's display.


 Genealogists may find evidence of family members in the old registers and yearbooks at the back of the room.  Life at many of the Castor School Division’s one-room schools is also recorded in the extensive collection of school photographs.




The Beaver School is part of the Castor & District Museum Society.