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The Machine Shop and Compound













The shed houses running vehicles from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, some of which have interesting local histories.  Mr. John Grove purchased our original and un-restored Dodge Brothers sedan in 1926 at Parr Motors, a dealership that used to stand just a block to the north, where Castor’s Post Office can now be found.  John Grove’s family returned the car to Castor by in 2003 and it has run at local events and parades. Castor’s 1946 Saskatoon Fire Engine and a running example of a 1950’s Farmall tractor complete the running exhibits. At the back of the shop is very early I.H. wooden threshing machine. A collection of early buggies, sleds and an extensive variety of hand tools, foundry,  machine tools and implements round out this display.


 Outside, you can find many of the implements local farmers used to till, seed and harvest the land, giving a clear impression of how much labour and time was invested in a crop in days gone by. At the south end of the compound is an early backhoe mounted on a GM chassis.  Much of castors water and sewer infrastructure was made possible with this machine.


 Completing this display at the east end of the compound are a variety of buggies, grain wagons and tractors with names from the past such as Minneapolis Moline, Oliver and McCormick Deering. In the compound and to the east, we also have very early examples of a road grader, swathers and mower-binders.




The Machine Shop is part of the Castor & District Museum Society.