The Town of Castor welcomes you



The Castor Legion Branch #119 held their first meeting on June 21, 1932.


There were fifteen Castor Legion Charter Members namely, Arthur C. Moore, Bertram J. Barnes, Edgar Sharpe, Harold B. Windross, Harris G. Rogers, Edward J. Elder, Charles J. Johnson, John Grove, Elvyn Waade, James E. Brown, Harold J. Davies, Thomas E. Corbett, Joseph J. Burns, Arthur J. Wright, and Douglas W. Paradise.


The Castor Legion has been actively involved and helpful in many organizations over the years and has supported many programs as well.


The Castor Legion provided a meeting place for Legion members, The Ladies Auxiliary to the Legion and a meeting place for the Elks for over 40 years. They accommodate the public at large whenever they needed space for an event. The Castor Legion has also been supportive of other service groups such as the Lions, Kinsmen and many local sports teams, such as the Senior Slow Pitch Ball. They believe strongly in being there for the community when they are needed.


The Castor Legion provides funding for events and also helps with student grants. Their major commitment is to maintain a presence for our Veterans and our dependents.


Castor Legion was truly dedicated to the principle of seniors living independently in their own homes. Consequently, the Legion was instrumental in beginning to get a Senior Housing Project for the seniors here in Castor.


The first manor was completed and opened in 1981, and again organized for a second project which opened in 1985, and again, a third project in 1990. The three projects were named Castor Legion Manor I, II, and III.


They are now named: Evergreen, Prairie and Sunrise Manors. The Legion worked with the municipal, provincial and federal agencies to augment this official program. In 1997, it was decided that  the Manors should be put under a local operating authority board, to which the Castor Legion agreed and then the Castor and District Housing Authority was formed. These wonderful Manors are very appreciated by the folks of Castor as they transition from their own home to places that provide help when needed.


The Legion sponsored an Air Cadet Squad for the Castor area. This Air Cadet Squadron has influenced many of our youth to go on into aviation or a military career.


Excerpt from Beaver Tails from Castor & District