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George Davidson was instrumental in planning the Castor Legion Cemetery, which is a lovely Field of Honour for Veterans. It was George and his daughter who planted every one of the beautiful trees that has given this place the solitude and comfort that one needs when you visit. Years back he and his daughter continually hauled water by hand. They walked back and forth for over a mile each way carrying this heavy load, just to keep the trees alive.


To honour the labour and love that was required to develop the Cemetery, there is an attractive Plaque in memory of him. It is placed at the foot of the cairn at the Castor Legion Cemetery and it reads:


George Davidson, 1884-1946

"In Memory of George Davidson,

Whose foresight and dedication made possible

This Field of Honor,

To be set aside for the Veterans"


The Castor Legion's entrance was beautifully renovated. It was a gift given by the daughter, on behalf of her parents, George and Jeanie Davidson, to celebrate Castor's Centennial in 2010. They provided a beautiful patio, walk way and picnic table that will be used for years to come.


The Cenotaph


Castor Legion was instrumental in the installation of the perpetual gas flame at the cenotaph on Main Street in Castor. It was the Legions "1967 Canadian Centennial" Project with the help of the donation from Jake Nett, who was an ex-serviceman and Legion member. They dedicated the Eternal Flame in memory to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in the Wars.


In readiness for the July 2010, Castor 100th Centennial, a dedicated group of Castor Legion members and Castor community volunteers revitalized, restored and completed the beautification of the Cenotaph.


War Memorial Plaque Ceremony


A War Memorial Plaque Ceremony took place on July 10, 2011 at The Legion Cenotaph on the main street of Castor. This bronze plaque contains the names of men from our community who sacrificed their lives. The plaque was donated and dedicated to our community, by Helen Bowen on behalf of her late husband Ivor Bowen.


It was Ivor's dream to display publicly the names of his comrades from this community who gave their lives for Canada. He worked long and hard to gather this information going all the way back to the Canadian Archives for some of it, and placing adds in the local papers. Unfortunately, Ivor did not live long enough to complete the task, so Helen finished it for him. This beautiful plaque recognizes the souls and their families who paid the supreme price so we can have the community we have today.


Excerpt from Beaver Tails from Castor & District