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Castor Legion Branch #119

The Castor Legion Branch #119 held their first meeting on June 21, 1932. At the time there were fifteen Castor Legion Charter Members namely, Arthur C. Moore, Bertram J. Barnes, Edgar Sharpe, Harold B. Windross, Harris G. Rogers, Edward J. Elder, Charles J. Johnson, John Grove, Elvyn Waade, James E. Brown, Harold J. Davies, Thomas E. Corbett, Joseph J. Burns, Arthur J. Wright, and Douglas W. Paradise.


The Castor Legion has been actively involved and helpful in many organizations over the years and has supported many programs as well. The Castor Legion provides funding for events and also helps with student grants. Their major commitment is to maintain a presence for our Veterans and our dependents.


Excerpt from Beaver Tails from Castor & District


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Castor, AB T0C 0X0

Phone: 403-882-2460